Project Overview

In December of 2011, MacEwan University administration had given the go-ahead to proceed with the design stage of a 420,000 sq ft building that would house the Centre for the Arts and Communications. Construction started in November of 2014 for the 90 million dollar building located on the University's City Centre Campus in Downton Edmonton. As a part of that move downtown, the university was shutting down its West End Campus, which was the current home to its Centre for the Arts and Communications. Construction on the new Centre had to be finished by September 2017.

Epic Glass was part of the 270 person team working on the project, and as of mid-March 2017, that was scaled up to as many as 325 crewmembers as the job progressed to make deadline. There were many challenges as the project used post-tension concrete, chosen because it allowed for a larger span between columns. However, few post-tension concrete buildings have been erected in Edmonton in the past two decades, leading to a minor challenge in finding subcontractors with experience working with the technique.

The building was completed and opened on-time in September of 2017 and was $5 million under budget.