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Pearl Tower

Edmonton AB

The Pearl Tower is Edmonton’s premier 35 Story Residential Condominium that features breathtaking curved glass walls from floor to ceiling to allow for stunning views all year round. This project is one of EPIC’s biggest success stories.

Our supplier was based outside of Canada, and did not have offices or full-time staff working in the city. The EPIC Glass team adapted to this process by becoming a local extension of their office practice. We provided in-depth site information back to the supplier on a regular basis, organized deliveries and pick ups, as well as sorted all incoming material. We also provided professional surveyed as-builts back to the supplier for design and production. All materials arrived via ocean and train transport, in sea-cans, from the supplier. EPIC eliminated the warehouse step and received, sorted and confirmed all shipments street-side with no traditional loading bay or yard. This process saved time and money for our client.

The EPIC team worked diligently on this project and adapted the traditional installation technique to accommodate the unique building style. EPIC invested heavily in equipment for this project and mechanical lifting was used wherever possible to reduce strain on personnel. In order to combat difficult access points on the structure, EPIC trained workers to use Boatswain’s chairs to seal and finish tight areas of the floor plan. The window contract required a QA/QC program for all facets of the glazing installation. This prompted the EPIC team to create a distinctive QA/QC program for this project with direction from a consulting firm – this system was very successful and was approved by the General Contractor. The collective skillset of the EPIC team was a huge asset to the construction team, we were asked to be a part of the Foreman’s meetings, the Trade Coordination meeting and the Curtainwall Contractor’s meeting each week alongside the representative of the supplier.

A project this large has it’s natural challenges, and EPIC Glass proved once again successful in dealing with these conflicts in a professional manner while also creating new opportunities. For example, the triple glaze, pre-glazed panels are extremely heavy and required a very careful installation strategy. Also, our team was required to oversee the installation of all embeds for the duration of the concrete pours. Distance, language and cultural barriers were encountered by installing for a Curtainwall supplier that is based overseas. Our lead staff members were issued smart phones in order to communicate efficiently within the large building. To combat distance and language barriers, our staff would attach and send photos to different members of the team to explain the specificities of certain elements.

The Pearl Tower was an amazing project to work on. We were on-site every two weeks for the 9 months preceding our glazing process, to ensure our embed anchors were placed correctly. This ensured that all glazing would be completed correctly the first time, and prevented any costly errors or reconstruction from occurring. At the time of construction, the EPIC Glass team was operating in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. Although this involved driving and flying in from other projects, transportation was done efficiently with no affecting delays to the client.


  • Curtainwall
  • Pre-Glaze Panels
  • Aluminum Panel Wall Cladding
  • Exterior Glass Handrails
  • Doors
  • Canopy Glass
  • Soffit Paneling