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Symphony Tower

Edmonton AB

Symphony Tower, a luxury 27-story highrise located in Edmonton on the corner of 106 Street and 97 Avenue, the Symphony offers sophistication, panoramic views, and unique architectural details.

The Symphony floor-to-ceiling curtain walls unobstructed views of the river, the High-Level Bridge, and the Alberta legislature. The curtain wall also provides superior thermal performance, acoustic performance, and aesthetics.

At the base of the building, two vacant Edwardian-era red brick buildings sat on the property when Allen Wasnea bought it 14 years ago. Wasnea had them classified as historical, restored them and used the Foote residence as the Symphony Tower sales centre and rents apartments in the Parkview.

While the two buildings are separate entities from the Symphony, they add to the overall character of the block. Townhouses anchor the Symphony with a rustic exterior colour that ties into the historic buildings.

The original supplier pulled out after the pouring of concrete already began. By the time a new supplier was found, prepping of the interior wall, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical were already installed. We had to work around all of these delays making the project significantly more difficult. The exterior was also tarped, making a site survey and delivery of panels very difficult. We had the supplier pack the panels in thinner crates to navigate hallways. We worked with the contractors and other sub-trades to come up with various solutions to accelerate the project to make up for the delays. By working collectively with others, smart planning, and brainstorming, we ended up two weeks ahead of schedule halfway through the project. This project was our most challenging project of 2018.


  • Curtainwall
  • Pre-Glaze Panels
  • Aluminum Panel Wall Cladding
  • Doors